Sunday, December 27, 2009


So the holidays come to a close and December's on its way out...

T'was a pretty full month, even during the holidays for me. Finished up all of my school stuff and looks like I got some damn good grades for all that ridiculous amount of work, phew! Christmas was fun, as were the parties and get-togethers that preceded it, but I'm hittin' the ground running and tryin' to work on stuff as much as I can over the next couple weeks 'til I go back for my next semester.

This'll be my last blog post for the year, so I won't have anything else to report until after January begins, but my 21st Birthday this Thursday's gonna be a blast with the MAGFest New Years Eve party! I was added to the guest page finally and I've already been set for a few panels. I'll have my own spotlight one where I'll be showcasing lots of animation stuff I've been working on, along with a few big announcements, then Masako and I will be on LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged panel which'll be sure to make a big splash. Lastly, he and I will be part of a really neat panel with John St. John and Matt Mercer that I'm super excited to be part of. All of those who can attend this year, I can't wait to see ya! This'll be an experience and a half.

2009 is quite a great year for animation. Fantastic Mister Fox was my absolute fav this year, with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as a close second. Disney did some amazing stuff of course with Up and Princess & the Frog, the latter of which I've seen 3 times over the last month and loved it each time. Pokemon had an awesome 12th flick in Arceus and the Jewel of Life and Coraline was really memorable, espcially for a few friends of mine. I hope 2010'll top this year but that's gonna be a tough line-up to beat.

That said, I hope y'all had a great December and I'll say right now, I've gotta LOT of really cool things in store for next year. I'm gonna work real hard and make sure I get done exactly what I need to do. Wish me luck and see ya in 2010 kids. :]

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busiest December EVER.

Okay really, I love December...

...but this may be THE busiest end of the year I've had in my life. I finally know the pain of Mike Luckas and the other SVA Cartooning majors with their ridiculous amounts of homework. SO much stuff to do...and schoolwork is only half of it! I've gotta ton due by the 16th and even more to finish before the month is up.

In the midst of the chaos, I managed to do a quick little cartoon for the holidays, thanks to creator Scott Frerichs of DBZ Abridged fame, for coming up with a funny little piece of fake commercial copy that I thought was BEGGING to be brought to life. Scott recorded it for me and I finished it in a couple days, came out pretty nicely and he and our friends all seemed to enjoy it! That and I had completely forgotten about the NG Winter contest, so that was a nice bonus too. Also I hope those who watched and were offended by any of the content will know that Scott and I don't mean any of it offensively and that Jesus Sweets was done all in good fun.

I've also gotta lotta stuff to prepare for MAGFest at the beginning of next year. Most likely I'll be doing my own panel where I'll have some stuff to showcase and a few things to announce, but I'll also be part of a few other panels that are focused on certain other guests...some surprises are in store, oh yes. :] Seriously, if you can make it to this con, do it. It's gonna be worth it.

Now I'm gonna go collapse, do some last second X-mas shopping and work my ass off on BACKGROUNDS OF ALL KINDS. HOORAY. Also thanks very much to all of the kinds folks who've supported and purchased the Parody Rangers t-shirts as well as the nice comments. I appreciate it :]