Sunday, March 28, 2010


...have I ever mentioned that I love conventions?

Seriously, there was a very short time in my life a few years ago where I thought I was growing sick of going to Anime Conventions, or really just cons in general, but the last couple years have been incredible regarding my experiences at them. Granted there'll always be a tad hint of bullcrap along the way, but never anything big enough to ruin an all-around amazing weekend.

I had the pleasure of attending AnimeMilwaukee a couple weekends ago alongside LittleKuriboh and company, as well as several prolific Voice Actors, which was a tremendous honor. I did a whole bunch of panels, ranging from Voiceover panels with Todd Haberkorn, Wendy Powell and Chris Sabat, to Martin's panels all about his amazing YouTube sensation. I got to showcase There Was This One Time on a big screen at one of the panels, and we showcased the Work-In-Progress "Leather Pants" YGO:Abridged/Lady Gaga parody music video three times over the course of the weekend! It got a HUGE reaction from people, tons of hysterical laughter all around, I was so proud of the turn-out! The staff were all incredibly friendly, professional and accommodating to our needs. I definitely hope to come back next year, thanks everyone who showed up to our panels and thanks to all of the great friends I went with. :]

That's certainly not the end of it though, I've got a few more lined up for the Summer. I'll be attending the GAMM-EXPO in Orlando, Florida during June 4-6, followed up by AnimeNEXT on June 18-20. Then, in August, I was JUST today announced as a guest at AnimeEvolution in Vancouver, BC up in Canada, which I'm the most excited about visiting! Getting to meet such talented people from all across the country (and others, in some cases!) has been an honor and a privilege, not to mention a great networking opportunity. That said, I've got a LOT to look forward to this Summer once class is up.

Speaking of, 3rd Year's only another measly month or so from being done. I've just begun to start on my 30-second short film for my animation workshop, which I'll be most likely be submitting to my NEO-C Account, as well as a collection of all the random school assignments I've done over the last couple years. Should be fun, so look forward to those. I'm continuing to work on the "Leather Pants" video LK commissioned me to animate him and we're aiming it to be done by June so we can premiere it at GAMM-EXPO. I'm gonna be finishing that first and foremost as far as side projects go, but Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 3 will start being worked on in May, once school is out. The secret collab is continuing to be worked on all the while...stay with it.

Other stuff...I did another interview on 9.18 THE FAN recently as part of "Pokemon Week", which speaking of, I've been playing the crap out of since I picked up HeartGold. Between that game and picking up a copy of the beautiful Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works Artbook at Kinokuniya recently, it's been quite a trip down memory lane as of late. Just about to meet up with my Thesis Advisor tomorrow to plan for the next school. SVA's 2011 Graduating class is gonna rock the house with our amazing line-up of Thesis cartoons. YOU KNOW IT.