Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short-but-Sweet Vacation

Those couple weeks flew by, but I'll never forget 'em.

I'm already back in action for the new semester at school and I've got a LOT on the horizon to take care of. But, I'm on a normal sleep schedule (good sign) and rarin' to go for my new classes. I wish I had more time over the break to work on stuff, since I wasn't nearly as productive as I was hoping, but regardless, this vacation was somethin' else. Christmas passed, MAGFest was a blast and my last week before coming back to the city flew by in an instant...but every day was an absolute joy.

Once again, I gotta hand it to KROOOZE and all of the lovely staffers running MAGFest for giving me the chance to have such an amazing weekend. For MAGFest being a smaller-scale con compared to others, these people do a top-notch job. The whole thing took place at a hotel that apparantly looks like the covenant from Half-Life 2 (Hi! I'm Chris and I don't play mainstream video games! Derp.) with a very nice setup for all parties involved.

New Years Eve was a smashin' party complete with the voice of Duke Nukem doing the countdown into a "Happy Fuckin' New Year". Then I was happy to have my group of pals to hang with involving the two british gents, Martin (LittleKuriboh) and Lawrence (MasakoX) as well as Mart's two friends Carolyn and Ashley, who were nice enough to record a lot of our stupid antics and adventures throughout the con on video (a bunch of 'em are on YouTube already). I was also honored to be on a few panels with LK and Masako, including a couple of their panels, a Voice Actor panel (which included Jon St. John and Matt Mercer, both of whom are very awesome) and my spotlight panel where I showcased a bunch of my animated works. Thanks everyone who came to our panels and we hope y'all had a great time! :]

Con-stuff aside, we also had many misadventures while staying at the Hilton involving a fire-alarm on the first night, journeying through blistering cold to find a cab after dinner another night...and even getting into a car accident (no one was hurt) on the way to see Avatar the last morning! (That said, NO I haven't seen Avatar.)

So now that I'm back in action, I have a lot of things planned up until the Summer. Speaking of, there's a strong possibility of appearing at a few other conventions in the near future, but I'll post more of that when I hear anything definite. Meantime, I've got more coloring on Rob Kohr's film to take care of, a super-secret project that will hopefully be finished in the coming months and more schoolwork of course. Once Summer 2010 hits, I have to focus ALL of my energy into one specific project, while I'll go into a bit later.

Hope everyone had an amazing Holiday and here's to a badass 2010 for us all!