Saturday, October 24, 2009


Takes me another month to make a journal entry, joyous.

But, I'm havin' the time of my life right now, so hopefully it's forgivable. No, I'm not dead! Really! Well, maybe. Okay.

So I promised I'd upload some schoolwork and I figured this'd be a good opportunity to show some of the crap I've been up to. So far we've done three homework assignments for the class and are already working on the fourth. Here's what I got for ya:

Our first two assignments went hand-in-hand; they were exercises in character design, which I gotta huge kick out of. First, we picked an animal of our choice and were asked to draw as many designs as we could manage; typically around 10 from everyone. I had taken some photos of the cat often seen at our local art store and had them on hand as reference. So while a cat is usually a bit generic of an animal, I went more in-depth with it and tried to apply a specific personality to character. After choosing our favorite design of the bunch, we were asked to create at least ten different poses of them displaying as much of their personality as possible. I think I did about 16 or so and put my favorites in the final collage.

Our third assignment was the first piece of animation we produced for the class, which was to have a character carry a heavy object from one side of the screen to another. I went an extra mile and did two characters, with one of the two having two different animations. This was a good exercise for getting me back into the animation spirit, since I hadn't done any -real- movement in quite a while. Not bad for a start, I hope. Our next assignment is to make a fat character sit in order to display a sense of weight in appliance to the character itself, as opposed to them interacting with weight of another source.

In between the stuff such as this, I've been still working on a big secret project, which I've been applying some of the new stuff I've learned. It's not turning out too bad at all and I've got some good feedback, so I'm real excited about this one, oh yes. Also, mostly thanks to a certain class of mine, I've been doing some MAJOR fact I've gotta little meeting this coming Teusday I'm very looking forward to. We'll see how that goes. Still got other stuff in the pipeline and doing my best to keep track of it all.

Happy Halloween this weekend, kiddo's!

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