Sunday, November 29, 2009


Go! Go! Parody Rangers T-shirts are now up for Pre-Order!

...on the ever-so-amazing Sharkrobot! Available in delicious Meat & Renaldo flavors! Part of a balanced breakfast, contains Vitamin B for BADASS. Go up to evil's face and go BIZZAM or decorate your torso with the face of the greatest man ever. Makes for a great holiday gift!

BIG thanks to Snafu-Dave for makin' this happen for Psy and I. For my first t-shirt designs I think they turned out okay. I'm really proud of Meat and Renaldo as characters and I know they're some of the big fan-favorites, so I hope the Rangers fanbase get a kick outta these and help support us! :]

Also if you guys who follow and enjoy my animation work have any ideas for other t-shirt that you'd be interested in seeing on the site, lemme know and we'll talk about additions to the store. Hope all's well with people and that your holiday season is kickass. I'm starting off this December with my second recording session, as mentioned last post, so I'm excited to kick-start what's usually my favorite month.

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