Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're at the Homestretch!

My 3rd Year's just about at its end...

Only one assignment and one class left before I'm all finished. It's been a crazy year and as expected, SO much has happened. Now that I've completed all the preparation for my fourth and final year, the most difficult of them all, I can finally showcase some of the stuff I've been doing lately! I've submitted a couple things to my NEO-C Gallery.

First off, a new 30-second short film: "Scaredy Cat". The concept came from a video clip found by Scott Frerichs, about a tiger that was too scared to come down from its artificial habitat in a Christian zoo, while another tiger looks up at him, confused. Scott recorded a short voice clip, making a conversation between the two Tigers. I asked if I could animate it into a quick cartoon and this was what we got! It was a lotta fun to animate and got a few laughs, so I'm certainly proud of it. :]

Second, I've finally worked up enough material to submit a demo reel of some of the animations I've done for my workshop classes under Celia Bullwinkel for the last two years. There were a whole bunch of assignments I had to choose from, so I picked seven of my favorites. There were two lipsynch ones I really wanted to include, but they feature a character from my Thesis, of which I'd rather not show online until the time is right, so I dis-included those. Regardless, there's some neat stuff in there so check it out!

Still plenty of stuff for me to be taking care of though. My music video for LittleKuriboh, "Leather Pants" is nearly complete and looking pretty damn funny so far. It's gotten great reactions at both AnimeMilwaukee and most recently Kami-con where Martin showcased well as a trailer for the upcoming Season 3 of his YouTube smash-hit, featuring the voice of a certain someone. "Leather Pants" will most likely be submitted online first instead of being premiered at a con, but we'll see how it goes. Either way it'll be submitted first right here on Newgrounds, so look out for it!

Starting tomorrow night I'll be taking a full week off from everything, since someone very special's coming to NY for a visit and I'm putting all of my side-stuff on hold until then. Afterward I'll finish up Leather Pants and begin working on Part 3 of the Parody Rangers Feature. Headin' back to EduWare for more work over the Summer too, plus several conventions, more pre-production work on my Thesis...and hopefully some other big news. To everyone else in my classes, cheers to a kickass 3rd Year and here's hopin' we kick even more ass next year!

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