Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Summer's only a month in and I'm glad of it!

Even with all the stuff I've been doing, I feel like May might've been a slower start than I would've liked. Now that June's come though, I feel far more productive and busier than ever. Been pulling as many hours at EduWare as I can manage, starting to draw on the train rides there and back every chance I get, working on some animation stuff at least a little bit every day, doing a lot of new voiceover excercises. So much, it feels amazing!

So speaking of EduWare, you guys may finally get the chance to see some of the stuff I've done for them; in a very interesting way too. The project I've been focusing on for them this Summer has been a collection of original mini-games, based after the characters from "The EduGame!" product. I'm doing quite a few at the moment, including but not limited to: "Fall of the Snowflake", "Smiley Seeker", "Beaver Bash" and "Fishbone Frenzy". I'll be kept busy all Summer with these, which is good news for my wallet at the very least. However, these are some fun little games, about as quick and simple as a Mario Party mini-game. The Snowflake one is nearly finished, so once these start getting posted on the EduWare site, I'll throw you guys a link to check 'em out. Granted, you'll have to answer some questions to get the chance to play 'em, but a little educational value never hurt anyone, right?

In the realm of voiceover, I'm happy to announce not only my next gig, but my first Video Game gig of all things! Ayu Sakata, one of the awesome creative minds at Sakevisual Studios, has just released the Murder Mystery Game "Jisei", which went on sale at Oni-con a little while ago. I play Detective Mikolaj Gurski, who's always there to help out the player in their endeavors towards finding the crook who done it! It's available for purchase for PC, Mac & Linux, I highly reccomend it, if anything to support the very talented creators that put it together! The voice cast also includes Micah Solusod ("Soul" on Soul Eater) and Kira Buckland ("Eri" on Aika R-16 Virgin Mission). Check it out! ;]

Enough of these games! Animation now! Rob Kohr's film, "The Lift" is hitting the festival circuit across the US. Rob's launched an official site all about it; I'm honored to be linked on there amongst the credits page! If you guys get any chance to see the finished version of this baby, PLEASE take it. It's a gorgeous cartoon. On my front, still toiling away at the Rangers Movie. Just hit the halfway point now, definitely keeping up with my vow to finish at least one scene per week. Make sure to subscribe to the blog if you want constant updates about it! My other big secret project is also slowly but surely getting done. Once we reach a certain point to where I can say it's essentially finished, I'll make the announcement for it here. If all goes well, it may even be showcased at an upcoming convention!

Speaking of, AnimeNEXT< in Somerset, NJ is fastly approaching! I'm not a special guest at this one, but I'll be doing a few panels throughout that weekend (June 18-20). Martin will be doing a YGO:A Panel, which I'll be on with him along with Kroze, plus Kyle Hebert will be doing a live recording of an episode of the Big Bald Broadcast! Martin and I will be on that as well, along with Tony Oliver and the talented Uncle Yo!. If you're going to AnimeNEXT, be sure to stop and say hi!

Last thing I'll mention is the $5 Commission deal I'm doing on throughout the month of June: a sketch of a character of your choice, Parody Rangers-style, plus a preview of Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE Part 3's animation! Every little bit helps and I sincerely appreciate all of the support and feedback from you guys. Gotta get back to work already, latah!

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