Thursday, March 8, 2012

TOME Episode 03 + Marching On

Phew, finally I can take a second to write one of these.

February was absolutely NUTS for me, but totally worth it. I kept saying I was gonna write a blog post every week but I kept getting so busy I couldn't take the time to sit down and do one. Lotta things to catch up on!

First and foremost, TOME Episode 03 is finally out! I apologize for it taking so long, as I originally wanted it to be released by Valentine's Day and it ended up taking WAY longer than I expected it, but I think the final product was worth it. I wanna thank everyone who left feedback and spoke to me personally about the last two episodes, which pushed me into redesigning a lot of the graphics starting from Episode 03 and on. It took up the majority of January, but hopefully it'll make a big difference from here on out. I was very shaky on the script, since this was written way back in August of last year and it's not my strongest in terms of story, but it was definitely fun to see it all come together. I got a whole slew of great voice performances from the big assortment of guests I pulled together for this episode, as well some beautifully-designed backgrounds by my art team of ;Mechcity, so major props to them all for pulling through.

Additionally, we're selling the ending credits song, "Battle On!" on bandcamp! So if you wanna own a copy of all the cheesy 90's Anime sound you can eat, do us a solid and pick it up from the site. :]

Sort of tangentially-related, HUGE congratulations to the Newgrounds crew for their amazing new redesign! So many of the new features have made my life so easy. I tested them out a bit when I submitted that Valentine's Day commission last month and it really is a gigantic step up. I hope everyone else is enjoying and making good use of it!

March is gonna be super busy for me as well. Last month I was in talks for two big freelance gigs, one of which is set to go and I'm starting on the illustrations for it this weekend. I'll have a little something special planned for April Fools Day, but otherwise I won't have anything big to show on the animation front for a little while. I DO plan on doing Episode 04 of TOME before the Summer starts at the very latest. I've got lots of new assets to make and I still need to finalize the script, but I think Episode 04 will be the best (and definitely the funniest) yet. Look forward to it!

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  1. Man, you're so busy this month. I recommend you need assistants to help you later on. That way, it will make things faster.