Monday, April 30, 2012

PAXeast + Skullgirls released! + Pico Day

YEEEESH I put off doin' one of these for WAY too long.

First and most importantly, I wanna seriously thank everyone for their very kind responses to that last journal. I've gained a few answers on my current situation; still figuring a bunch of things out but overall I really, truly appreciate the time everyone took to lend some words to my massive text wall of "what am I doing with my life" whining.

ANYWAY. So a whole lot has happened in the last two months or so. One of the "answers" I came to at many people's recommendation is to make better use of my YouTube channel. That said, I've put Episode 03 of TOME up on there... well as a "Traveler's Guide" that I made as a new short!

I'll be updating the TOME YouTube playlist on my page too.
I went to PAXeast a while back, which was a blast. Big thanks to Corey Holland and his friends who I roomed with during the weekend. I was yet again in good company such as D-Mac, Francine Louise, Noah Scammon, Jerma, Nalem 'n Spanio, Sane Intolerant, Sean Warrener and so, so many more. Holy crap. This was a lot of fun in particular because it made me REALLY appreciate the production side of games more. All of the independant developers who set up shop and were getting people psyched about their games was really inspiring. This is one I'd absolutely love to come back to again next year, maybe even save up for the one in Seattle one day. Separate note, big thanks to Mack and Francine for a wonderful Easter dinner and a fun time hangin' out that entire Sunday. :]

Speaking of appreciating video game production, here's a big one: Skullgirls has been released!

Skullgirls is a traditional 2D fighting game for XBLA and PSN, with beautiful character designs by Alex Ahad and intense gameplay overseen by Mike Zaimont. I, along with many colleagues and fellow artists from the NiN10Doh! collab crew, did character animation and clean-up on the game. In particular, I worked on several moves for Parasoul, Ms. Fortune and Painwheel, as well as a little bit for Valentine and some of the background characters. The game is very hardcore and getting some great buzz so far. It's only about 15 bucks, so definitely pick it up and give it a shot!

Lastly and most recently, I came out to Philly for Pico Day. Like PAX, this was a real treat and a good time to be surrounded by such talented folks. There are far too many names to go down, but everyone who was there that I got the chance to talk to, you were all amazing and made this past weekend an amazing time. I WILL mention Mick Lauer, who after years of delaying I FINALLY had the pleasure to hang with.
So here I am, back in the saddle workin' to try and play some catch-up on animation stuff. I'm making some good progress on my freelance gig, which has been for the Suffolk County Library's Summer Reading program here in New York. I'm JUST getting to the halfway point on TOME Episode 04 today in terms of production. I think this is definitely our best episode yet, but I'll say upfront that it's WAY too long and I got a bit over-ambitious...BUT, I -am- gonna finish it and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'm hoping. As I said at the beginning, there's still a lot of uncertainty on what will be happening after Episode 04's release. I'm looking into details on a few other things, but nothing's been set in stone at all yet, so stay tuned.

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  1. Chris, for some time now i have been watching your work. Replayed and rewatched a lot of your(and your friends) Epic stuff. Heck, when i feel bored i go on newgrounds, load up Nico-doh 2nd Kirbomix and keep replaying it. You may have doubts now and then, but you are truly amazing. You can do anything! I might not be as helpful as many others commenting.....but every time i come here from now on and check your blog, i will comment with random crap. YOU HEAR ME? RANDOM CRAP! and to do that i made an Blogger account to be able to post this.

    Now......Gimme your Soul!