Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Cool! A Carnivine!"

Everything is pretty awesome right now. :]

Seriously, I've never been happier right now. School's been going better than ever before and I'm plotting far ahead for everything I wanna do with my life over the next year and a half. There's a few hitches here and there, but nothing too bad to stop me from feeling this great about everything. For the time being, I'm mostly doing assignments for class and random drawings here and there, with bigger stuff being worked on for the coming months. This weekend I'll be going to Katsucon in Maryland for a bit of networking on something really cool. Wish me luck on that!

Also, FINALLY the episode is officially up and streaming on Cartoon Network's streaming site, so for those who missed it, I can officially say I'm voicing Khoury (Kazunari in the original Japanese) on Pokemon: DP Galactic Battles! I recorded his episodes last year and at long last they're airing on CN Saturday mornings. Khoury and his gal-pal, Lyra (from Pokemon: HeartGold & SoulSilver) will be joining Ash & friends for about five episodes, which is about a month's worth, to promote the new game coming out in March! It was a huge honor and a lotta fun to play the little Pokemon Breeder in-the-making on a show I grew up with for a decade of my life. Hope you guys enjoy him! :]


  1. I tried creating an entry for you at Bulbapedia and it was swiftly deleted :/

    Lyra's Pokédex also sounded like one of your voices, but I couldn't be entirely certain.

  2. Hey Kirb! Glad to hear you're going to Katsu. You'll probably find me in the Video Rooms, putting on some pretty nice stuff. (FMA-B premiere Friday night!)

    Please be safe, we want you to keep voicing more cartoons!

  3. GoOoOoOoOo Kirb :]

  4. So are you replacing brock as "Lead supporting male" of the series? It kind of looks that way, but if that's true, he'd be joining misty may and max as "a character that will never be a main character but will be seen in cameos" ;-;