Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Break Announcements!

A LOT has happened since the last update...

...namely my Laptop got infected with viruses and had to be wiped and backed up TWICE in the span of a month. Big thanks to Marc Swint and Marc Levy for helping me out so much with all the technical mumbo jumbo I REALLY need to start learning myself.

Anyway! So class is already almost done and I can hardly believe it. We've got another week before Spring Break, then one more month and a half before my 3rd Year at SVA is all done. I've been animating quite a bit for various things, but my schoolwork has been the best stuff I've ever done. I'm getting really confident about my thesis and am attempting to plan out all of the pre-production stuff to do the summer in between all of my other projects. I'm continuing to work on the secret collab that will hopefully be finished before the school year is over (end of April-early May) and I have a music video I'll be doing for the awesome LittleKuriboh before then as well.

Something's missing...PARODY RANGERS! It's coming up on a full year since Part 2 of the Movie came out in all it's orgasmic "glory". My stance is that I still want to finish it and put a cap on the Parody Rangers series as I had intended to from the beginning. I've edited together all of the audio for Part 3, which will run about 18 minutes in length, and I plan on try to bust it out at the beginning of the Summer. It's gonna be tough, since I'll have two big conventions I'll be attending during that time, as well as prepping for my thesis, not to mention the uncertainty of if I can get all this OTHER stuff done before the school year's finished. It's gonna be a doozey, but I'll try my best as always.

Meanwhile on Cartoon Network, Khoury's just about to finish up his 5 Episode run by next weekend's Saturday morning. It's been a good run, my family and friends have gotten a huge kick outta hearing me on TV and even just seeing Pokemon for the first time in years. Thanks to getting the part, I recently did an interview on 9.18 THE FAN where I got to plug some of my Newgrounds stuff. That and I'm also going to Anime Milwaukee as a guest alongside LK himself, as well as the likes of Chris Sabat and Vic Minoganoganoganoga. It'll be on the release weekend of Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver just after Khoury's final episode, March 12-14. If you'll be attending, come to the Voice Actor Panels and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Panels where we'll be doin' all sorts of neat stuff as usual! :]

That's all for now, but plenty more things to come...

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  1. God knows what were you doing with that computer Chris XD ... just kidding!. It's a Shame that Khoury's trip It's over; I just watch those chapters to Hear how your Voice acting skills works on that context.
    P.S: My english sucks O_O