Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Canadaaaa...

So, I freaking love Canada so much. Seriously.

First off, AnimeEvolution was one of the best conventions I've ever been to. It had absolutely everything I love about these things in surplus, there was no negativity in the air whatsoever. Good friends, really nice fans, talented artists, hilarious actors and other guests, incredibly fun panels. My god. I had some great moments on the panels I went to and was a part of as well. Did a dramatic reading with LittleKuriboh and the gang from TeamFourStar early on Saturday and the +18 panel we did late that same night was also a blast...and I was delightfully surprised that I was actually kinda funny during it, from what I was told (I thought I was gonna be the most boring). There's probably videos of the panels on YouTube if ya look for 'em.

The highlight of the weekend however, was the preview screening for NiN10Doh! to the 64th Power. I could NOT believe my eyes seeing such a gigantic line of people waiting to be let into the panel room where we would be screening it. Despite the fact that we had to re-set up all of the chairs in the room (due to a dance happening prior to the screening in that room), we had to wait for the video projector to be given to us all the way from another building AND we had difficulties setting the damn thing up to work with my laptop...we had a room filled with probably two to three HUNDRED people. I managed to talk for 20 years (finally, that use came in handy) and kept the audience entertained until we were in business. On top of that, it wasn't even full-screen, let alone FINISHED since the animation is still being worked on for several segments of the project...they loved it. They were dyin' and I had a bunch'a people rushing up to myself and Audrey talking about how much they enjoyed it (and my other works)...even signed a couple autographs in the process!

So yeah, I'm really excited for the final version to be released, hopefully by the end of this month. I'm glad everyone who showed up enjoyed it and laughed so hard at our stupid jokes about how funny it is that mushrooms don't make people grow taller in real life. Hurr hurr hurr. There's a distinct possibility of the project having to be split up into two Parts that will be on the front page both at once, since apparently the Newgrounds office's most powerful computer doesn't have the power to withstand all of the drawings in these segments in one Flash file. Props to Richie and the crew for tryin' to pull it off the day before I left. We'll see what happens.

ANYWAY, been spending a couple days after, still in Canada. Got toured around a million places in beautiful Vancouver city, took a billion pictures of said million places. This entire city is so incredibly inspiring. No joke, I've suddenly come up with so many concepts for my animation and game ideas, it feels great. I think I definitely needed this break to get myself prepped up for thesis year. Re-writing my script a bit and shortening the length of my film after some not-so-great feedback on the animatic. Watched some positively influential stuff to help me out, including the Scott Pilgrim Movie, which I totally enjoyed (not more than the comic, but enjoyed incredibly anyhow), also I really liked the animated short...and stuff. Feelin' better than I have all Summer...and this Summer's been pretty damn good.

Still plenty to come. Stay with me, folks.

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