Friday, September 17, 2010

Now In Session.

S'been about two weeks so far...

Moved back into the city, got my cramped little dorm room with all my crap together and ready to take on the world...or something. I'm lucky that I've only got about two days of class (3 classes in total) and the rest of the time is spent doing thesis stuff. My first this year was with Rob Dress, who's worked on TONS of stuff and teaches "Creating Memorable Animated Characters", which I'm taking alongside Zach Bellissimo 'cuz I JUST CAN'T GET RIDDA 'DAT BUM. My other main class is "Animation Law & Career Development" taught by Jim Arnoff; this one EVERYBODY in the graduating year is taking, so you can bet there's a lotta people in the classroom. Both teachers are esteemed gentlemen and I really feel like I'm getting a lot out of my last year so far, even from this first week and a half of class.

While NOT doing class-related stuff, I've been animating my ass off on my thesis film. The thing's rounded out to be around 6-7 minutes in total (with credits) and I'm hoping to finish all of the rough animation by the end of September. Most of the production time will be spent doing the final, cleaned-up animation, of which I'm happy to say I've got Dave Smith and Audrey Kare helping me out with. I've got until April, so let's hope I can pull this bad boy off in between homework and what-not...speaking of, as I type this, I'm just about to rush off to an interview at Edgestudio for an assignment. Wish me luck!

What I love most about living in NYC again is that, as lame as this kinda sounds, I feel like I truly have a regular social-life of some kind. I get out on a constant basis, exercising (...sorta), surrounded by good pals and overall staying very productive on everything. There's the thing, but hopefully some freelance gigs coming up will change that, if they don't run me dry on top of the others stuff I'm doing. Oy. What can ya do.

Stay with me, folks!

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