Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whudda Rush!

Oh god it's been like a month since I last did one of these.

So much has been going on I can barely even remember it all. Class has been a lotta fun and thankfully not SO much full of work that I'm still able to get animation on my film done. I'm currently doing key drawings for it, with redlining by Audrey and some background work by Dave Smith. Might need some more help, so I'll make posts about that later on. Meantime, I've also been working on a pitchbook for Jim Arnoff's class for Animation Career Development, as well conducting interviews for school, including one with Jay Snyder of Edgestudio and "The Regular Show" creator JG Quintel. The interviews were both a lotta fun and I'm putting everything I've got into the pitchbook.

I'm working just about EVERY day on my film, with the exception of last Saturday and Sunday night, being too exhausted from New York ComicCon/AnimeFest after getting back those two days. What a weekend that was, seriously. I know people had their complaints and troubles with the two cons being fused together, but I have never more enjoyed NYCC or NYAF than this weekend. So many groups of friends all there, Mike Luckas with his Artist Alley table, LOTS of people from my school all over the place, some actors I've worked with such as Lucien Dodge, Dave Lister and his friends, the One Piece Podcast crew and the amazing Uncle Yo! who not only got me my badge for the weekend, but gave a great performance along with Kroze, who also was cool enough to get me in on an interview with Bruce Timm for ComicsOnline. The biggest highlight for me was the Capcom panel where Megaman Legends 3 was given lots of new details (look for me in the corner of the panel room in that video!) and I had the esteemed honor of speaking with Keiji Inafune, one of the minds behind Megaman's creation. It was unforgettable, especially speaking in Japanese for a couple sentences; can hardly believe I pulled THAT off. So yeah, incredible weekend.

In between work and conventions (Youmacon is my next one coming at the end of the month) I'm glad to say I'm getting out more than a couple times a week. Doing this thesis film is fun but it's good to just have a social life. despite the expensiveness and annoyances of college, this is one thing I'm happy to have. For Newgrounders, I know a lotta people are wondering about NiN10Doh! to the 64th Power. The short answer is, it's on hold until the last remaining animators finish their stuff. I've got about 3 segments left to get before it's all done and then Richie and I will hopefully be putting it together. I was hoping it'd be out shortly after I got back from AnimeEvolution, but we've got lives to tend to in between this project, so you're gonna have to wait a bit longer. Sorry 'bout that.

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