Monday, February 1, 2010

What's happenin'?

So much to do!

School's been nuts since I got back. Really fun new classes and even funner assignments in my old ones. Doing a lotta things at once, but as always it's good to be busy. As I'm writing this, my regular net access is down while I'm at school, aside from being able to log onto AIM and Skype. It's inconvenient as all get-out, but at least it's keeping me semi-productive. Thankfully the school's got lots of computers around to check up on things, so...yay?

Rob Kohr's film is nearly complete. I'm up to my neck in coloring a bunch of shots for it. I think it'll only be a couple more weeks until it's all done, but I'm not sure if it'll be up publicly since he may be running it in festivals. Once I find out I'll definitely post more info; I think you guys'll really dig it. T'was a big honor to be part of such a visually-appealing animation project. Props to Rob. :]

Speaking of honors, one of my biggest honors for the past year is finally coming to fruition! My first episode of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles, will be airing this weekend on Cartoon Network! Saturday, Feb. 6th @ 7:00 AM (then again on Sunday, Feb. 7th @ 7:30 PM) and then most likely on the Pokemon section of CN's streaming site. It's US Episode 605 "An Egg Scramble". I'll post more about the character after they've premiered, but you guys'll probably recognize me as soon as they speak.

Still workin' on a few secret projects, one of which I'm glad is being kicked into high gear this month. Still not sure of a release date on that, but it's gonna be amazing. I'm really proud of what's come of it so far. Slowly building up to my thesis too. Pre-production on that will start over the Summer; I'm the most excited for that above all else.

Hope all's well with people and stay tuned~


  1. Grats, buddy! There's no way I'm getting up by 7:00, but I'll do my best to catch the rerun on Sunday!