Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Freakin' End.

So after 4 years of my life, Go! Go! Parody Rangers comes to a close.

The Feature Movie is all done and brought an ending to the series. I've been surprised, definitely looks like the most polarizing thing I've ever submitted to Newgrounds as far as people's enjoyment or disgust of it goes. I thank all of the people that still managed to get a laugh or two out of it and I appreciate the reviews and criticism left by the people that didn't enjoy it.

I think it's worth stating that the script, voices and overall concept of Part 3 are...well, outdated. The script was written back in 2007 when I hadn't nearly the improvements in writing and animation I have today. I think the original purpose of the Movie was that I wanted to try doing traditional animation for a Feature-Length project and try to improve my ability in the process. That ended up being accomplished, but more because of school as opposed to Parody Rangers. My reasoning for wanting to finish it NOW, 3 years later when clearly it doesn't quite hold up, was because I still genuinely care about these characters and wanted to give them a proper finale. Though the production had its up's and down's behind the scenes, the fact is that I wouldn't know nearly the amount of amazing people I've met the past 4 years were it not for Parody Rangers 1 getting Front Page'd all that time ago, so in that regard I don't regret working on the project.

Since finishing the Rangers Movie became more about closure for my OWN sake more than anything else, I honestly didn't expect really ANYONE to find it funny anymore. I'm glad the people who've followed the series enjoyed it for what it is, but I was also a bit afraid it would make it seem like I was going through a relapse and suddenly losing all of the development of my skills as an Animation Artist. My friends and peers seem to understand it's a product of the past, that only just so happened to be finished NOW due to other things having to take priority over it. As said at the tail end of the Movie, thanks all of you guys for stickin' with me.

Now that it's out of the way, what's next for me is to finish up NiN10Doh! to the 64th Power, which I think will better serve as my temporary goodbye present to Newgrounds. 64 far better reflects not only what -I've- learned about writing and animating the past few years, but the improvements my friends that I've been working on it with have made as well. I hope you'll all look forward to it when it hits the portal. Here's a little preview of what's to come:

By Dave Smith.

By Pierre Jackson.

By Tyson Hesse.

By Myself!

By Audrey Kare.

Still been doing Thesis Work as well, finished the storyboard and ready to move onto the next stage. Only another month and a half before the final year starts.


  1. I'm proud of how you've grown as an artist ^_^ I hope to get a good level as you and your friends some time in the future.


  3. yah very good job :P my favorite series hands though still has tho be that first one you made it was freaking EPIC i wish i got to see the ending :P but i accept that i wont i hope to see many great works by you to come so good luck!