Friday, November 12, 2010

Made a lil' birdhouse in my soul.

That song's been stuck in my damn head for days.

Anyway, still workin' my ass off over here. I handed in another updated to Animatic of my thesis film to the committee at school just earlier today. I've finished all of my key drawings and have officially moved on to in-betweens. Audrey Kare did a fine job on redlining the keys and will be helping out with color later on in production. On backgrounds I've got Dave Smith, as well as Bam Macek and John Komar. I'm really proud of how this film's turning out so far and I've managed to keep up a pretty good production schedule for the last few months. Still got a LOT more to do, so let's hope I can pull this thing off...

NiN10Doh! to the 64th Power is beginning to reach the end of its production. As of right now, I'm expecting the last couple segments to be sent to me within the next week, while Cory Holmes is working on the credits sequence and Richie Zirbes is handling the coding to make everything tie itself together. Every time another piece of animation arrives, I get reminded of how excited I really am about this project. All of the response to the material's been great and people are laughin' their asses off, so we're definitely doing something right.

I went to Youmacon for Halloween weekend this year. First time going to that convention, but it was definitely a blast. Lots of memories made and pictures and video taken (yet to be posted though). Martin invited me into the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged panel, which involved a really emotional group hug, a smiley face being drawn on all our hands with a sharpie and singing an in-character version of "Don't Stop Believin'". Yeah it was pretty intense. NPC will probably be my last con of the year, since then we have Christmas vacation and I may be goin' back up to Vancouver before school starts again. Might have a few cons next year, we shall see.

Back to work for me, fare thee well.

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