Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help me out! Vote 5 for the "Bonne Hydra!"

First and foremost, I need your support!

Vote 5 on my entry in the MegaMan Legends 3 Boss Design contest! We're being given the chance to create a Mecha for the Bonne Family (some of the bad guys of the MegaMan Legends) to use in a battle during the game. Five finalists will be selected from Capcom's Development Room forums, both the Japanese and American boards. The 10 finalists in total will be judged by the team creating MegaMan Legends 3 and one of them will get to be included IN the game itself as a real boss fight! I worked really hard on my entry, "The Bonne Hydra" and MegaMan Legends has been one of the most influential games to me since I was a kid. I really care about that series and especially this 3rd one coming up. Please show your support and vote 5 on my entry so I'll have a shot at winning! I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone willing to help me out. :]

Now that that's outta the way, I've already gotta get back to work! Even on Thanksgiving I've been going gung-ho on finishing my thesis film. I've finished all of the animation for 1 of the 7 total scenes and have handed it off to be colored, of which I have Audrey Kare and Cory Holmes to gimme a hand while I continue animating. This year's been a rough ride, an emotiona roller coaster if you will. I'm really not sure of a lot of things, including that's gonna happen after I graduate. Right now the main thing I'm focusing on it making sure I finish this cartoon to the absolute fullest of my ability and hope that things will work themselves out. We've got about 3 weeks left of class now until Christmas vacation and I'll be going to visit Vancouver again in the first week of January, all the while -still- working on my film. I'm working ahead of schedule, but I've got SO much to do that I can't let up.

In between working on the film, going to class and socializing, I've been catching on a few games as well as re-watching old shows that were a big influence to me. Donkey Kong Country Return's been an amazing trip down memory lane and I LOVE what Retro Studios did with it. Meanwhile, ever since I came back to school I've re-watched all of YuYu Hakusho, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad and most recently, Speedgrapher. All of these shows are what I love most about animated series; they all have some of the best character dialogue and interactions I've ever seen and I always finish the shows taking away something. J.G. Quintel's "The Regular Show" is the same way, which I've also been keeping up with and I think it just finished its first season, so here's hoping it continues to strive for Cartoon Network.

Now, back to the grindstone!

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